Engagement Shoots: Should we do one?

This is one question I get a fair bit! While it’s a personal choice, I often lean more towards the *yes* side of the scale. Now, hear me out…


We aren’t all comfortable in front of the camera. This is just fact. Having an engagement shoot is an opportunity for those who are camera shy to become a bit more comfortable with being the centre of attention in that respect. I have seen this for myself more than a few times now!




It also allows you both to get to know your photographer better! Which, by extension makes one much less uncomfortable as you will know how your photographer works (not all photographers work in the same way!)–it takes a bit of the stress away from your big day, always a plus.




The reasons are simple, but nevertheless can be useful for those feeling nervous about having a photographer follow them around all day. My couples are given a complimentary engagement shoot upon booking their wedding photography and I do recommend getting it done. Consider it practice! It’s well worth it!





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