Who Is My Mother’s Biological Father?

In August 1967, a nineteen year old woman named Vicki Lyn Taplin gave birth to a baby girl in Crown Street Womens Hospital in Sydney. She named this baby girl Melissa. Being unmarried and very young, Vicki was faced with … Continued

Who Are These People?

Two years ago, I decided that in order to preserve my Nana’s WWI collections of her Uncle Norman’s letters, diaries & notebook, I should transcribe them to ensure minimal handling occurred of the original items. This project has taken that … Continued

Anzac Day: 101 Years On

Of late I have taken to transcribing the aging letters written by my Great Great Uncles Norman, Cecil & Ernest to their family members during the course of their service in World War One. I’m conscious of how dangerously thin … Continued

Moving On

Today marks one week since resigning from Retail Job #1, which I had been working at for close to six years. It certainly feels strange not to be heading to work today, as I have dedicated my Saturdays to this … Continued

Childhood Friends

Tomorrow is the day my childhood friend Libby gets married to her fiancee Jake. And I am lucky enough to be capturing their day from start to finish on my camera!   Libby, my cousin Jess and I have been … Continued

Dear Dad.

Dear Dad, Your support in all I do doesn’t go unnoticed, I love your ‘tell it like it is’ approach, It is something I have always admired. Your constant presence in my life, whether it be concerts, talent quests, hockey training/games, and … Continued

Permanent Lifestyle Changes

Most people I know today wouldn’t recognise the me from eight years ago. Or 36kg ago (and counting!). During senior school, I began to gain weight, with stress being one of the main factors involved. I’ve always been an emotional … Continued

Dear Mum.

Dear Mum, Thank you for always being supportive of everything I do, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you.   Thank you for going the extra mile, From the pick ups and drop offs to … Continued

Unexpected Happenings

As most of you are aware, I was due to join Frenchwoods Festival of the Performing Arts as a camp counselor in New York from early June until early September…everything had been planned/booked and I couldn’t have been more excited … Continued

Anzac Day: 100 Years On.

The story of the ANZACs is an important chapter in our country’s history. As Australians, it’s a period in time that we have all grown up learning about, April 25th in particular being a day we observe with respect for … Continued