Who Is My Mother’s Biological Father?

In August 1967, a nineteen year old woman named Vicki Lyn Taplin gave birth to a baby girl in Crown Street Womens Hospital in Sydney. She named this baby girl Melissa. Being unmarried and very young, Vicki was faced with … Continued

Who Are These People?

Two years ago, I decided that in order to preserve my Nana’s WWI collections of her Uncle Norman’s letters, diaries & notebook, I should transcribe them to ensure minimal handling occurred of the original items. This project has taken that … Continued

Anzac Day: 101 Years On

Of late I have taken to transcribing the aging letters written by my Great Great Uncles Norman, Cecil & Ernest to their family members during the course of their service in World War One. I’m conscious of how dangerously thin … Continued

Anzac Day: 100 Years On.

The story of the ANZACs is an important chapter in our country’s history. As Australians, it’s a period in time that we have all grown up learning about, April 25th in particular being a day we observe with respect for … Continued

Jasmine Star Workshop: 18th February 2015

Today marks a week since I attended the Jasmine Star Workshop, held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Double Bay. I have been following Jasmine’s work for years, so it was extremely exciting (and maybe a little daunting!) to finally meet … Continued

Graduation Recital: Check!

When it is said that certain things ‘fly by’, it isn’t really understood until it happens, is it? It was certainly the case for my graduating recital for my Bachelor of Music! Three months of hard work and rehearsing around … Continued

50th Anniversary

I had the privilege of photographing a 50th wedding anniversary luncheon in the Central Coast a few weeks ago, I’ve just finished editing them. It was extra special and meaningful to me as the couple happen to be my lovely … Continued