Amy: Lane Cove National Park

It’s been an aim of mine to try something a little different photographically for awhile now. So happy to showcase part one of the final result. Amy was a fantastic model, always keen to also try different things! Makeup & … Continued

Vanessa: 21st Birthday

Vanessa, I’ve only known you for a relatively short time, but I will say this: you help to make work enjoyable with your humour, keen attitude and hilariously blunt honesty. You’re always fun to be around and I’m so glad … Continued

Evan & Eliza Wedding Part II: 8/1/16

As hard as I try, I’m not very good at picking just a few favourites! So, here’s Part II! Eliza & Evan had their reception at Settlers Receptions in Mulgoa, which features the most gorgeous garden out the back of … Continued

Evan & Eliza Wedding Part I: 8/1/16

Never have I met such a relaxed couple before! Both Eliza & Evan radiated such pure excitement and happiness on their special day, one couldn’t help but get caught up in it all. Congratulations guys, it was an honour to … Continued