I have this thing with worrying about others, particularly relatives, even when I know that they can hold their own. I think it’s worse than being worried about something personal, I find it completely consumes me! But without fail, I’m … Continued

Old Habits…

…die hard. Seriously. I have this thing with eating terribly when I’m processing jobs. Considering the quantity of weekly jobs seem to be massively increasing, this needs to stop. I started tonight with a salad for dinner.    …and proceeded … Continued

New Experiences

Had a taste of the corporate photography side of things on Tuesday night–I have to say, I quite enjoyed the experience! It was for a big firm’s office launch in the city. I was so nervous in the lead up, … Continued

Christmas Specials

Spent today photographing promotional style photos for my Christmas vouchers-thank goodness I have a photogenic sister who I can count on!       Why not buy a voucher for a friend or loved one for Christmas? Valid for a … Continued

This Week

Last weekend was a busy one, and this entire week so far in fact has been pretty flat out! I spent early Saturday morning doing a headshot session with the lovely Amber for an upcoming acting audition, the first shoot … Continued